Interesting fashion when it comes to decorating rooms’ walls

Interesting fashion  when it comes to decorating rooms’ walls

Trends in interior design changes rather fast. You gotta be very passionate about this branch to go on with this. Or work as an architect. I don’t. I have redecorated my home a few years ago. I clearly recall that at this time it was popular to have painted walls. My architect managed to convince in these days to remove all wallpapers from my apartment and to use paint instead of it. I liked it due to the fact I didn’t have to do it by myself – I had workers. So I have agreed with the concept of my designer, and painted my walls.

A few months ago I wanted to redecorate my flat again. My kids got older and I had to modify the décor of their room so it can be more suitable for teenagers. I hired the architect and after the conversation we had it turned out that, surprisingly, wallpapers are fashionable and extremely popular again. At this moment, wallpapers are designed a bit different. Previous wallpapers I used for my walls were generally one color, have no patterns or with very small and boring ones. This was ok but nothing highly original – Read about graffiti wallpaper (Read about graffiti wallpaper). This may be the reason why I got so excited when my architect showed me wallpapers he chose for my kids rooms. Contrary to wallpapers I have ever seen, those ones had marvellous big patterns on them. As a matter of fact, that was more similar to an charming, very good quality pics, really realistic ones. As a result of my architect’ ideas, I made up my mind to use these wallpapers in my kids’ rooms.
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My first son is a huge admirer of nature. He loves walking in forests, staying close to nature etc. Therefore, we decided to ude the forest wallpaper on his walls. This wallpaper looks so real that you can really feel like you are surrounded by forest!
My smaller kid likes hip hop music. He likes skateboarding and likes graffiti. So, the choice was easy then. We bought graffiti wallpaper. When he saw it he was highly grateful for that. All those objects look so realistic as it was real, high quality graffiti on his walls.

As a result of redecorating my sons’ rooms’, I realized that wallpapers don’t necessarily
have to be plain as it was often the case earlier.

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